Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I Planned To Use Yoga To Pick Up Girls, And How It Might Be The Best Thing For Me

Ya - so there it is, I first thought about going to yoga to meet women, sue me. I figured, I'm an athlete, I'm pretty strong, I should be able to impress some cute girls and walk away from this like the breeze that it is.

That was at about 11:22. By 1:05, when the class was over, you can go ahead and color me disappointed. It turns out, being strong in a weight room has almost nothing to do with being good at yoga, and nothing is as pathetic as being the guy falling out of tree pose and just laying on his matt until he catches his breath again.  Safe to say no women were interested in me at all, and I actually took the next day off of lifting with my trainer.

90 minutes in a little second floor yoga studio off 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and I've learned one very important lesson - I will have to practice a lot more to be able to pick up women doing yoga.

In retrospect, I may have completely missed the lesson that was to be learned form that experience.

Flash forward almost two years and I'm now I'm about as bought-in as you possibly can be to yoga. I think it may just be the best thing out for your body, and you can bet I'll be doing it every other day throughout the season and 3 or 4 times a week during the offseason. I literally have not come across a better whole better workout that is better at strengthening muscles in what I believe is the right way, and also centering someone so completely. I ADORE the feeling that you get after doing even a quick 5 minute yoga stretch.

Yes, I do realize I'm coming off as one of those crazy Californians that can't stop blabbering about yoga, and how good it is for you, and the next thing you know I'll have you try some of my whole grain, nonfat, all natural, wheet grass and tofu birthday cake that I made for my pet turtle who happens to be a rescue. Trust me, it's not gonna get that far - I'm just sharing a point of view, and using a little bit of a personal anecdote as the jumping off point, that is all. That's what this whole blog is about people - just me saying things and hopefully you reading them. And then even more hopefully, you enjoying them

So far, I've gotten better at down dog, and my offseason yoga goal of finally finding that pose to be relaxing is basically achieved (I say basically, cause it's really not, but I'm getting better). I do some day wanna be one of those people that are just so impressive to watch that you really do just wanna spend the entire class in child's pose and watch them while they seamlessly transition from pose to pose like some kind of half muscle, half water, yoga-creature that apparently isn't following the same rules of physics and body movement that you are.

Till then, I'll keep rolling out my pink matt (ya, it's pink, what about it?) and ending in Namaste till the day that I'm finally impressive in a studio. And until that day comes, I will keep watching the video I posted below in complete wonder and awe and pray that one day I'll be half this good (kinda the same way I am when I watch old videos of Clemens pitch).

Have a good one y'all, follow me on twitter (@C_M_Cook) and feel free to email with any questions or comments or whatever (colecook.soc@gmail.com). Wishing you a good day from Goodyear. Go Tribe!

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